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Why Are 22 Long Rifle Ammo On Short Supply

Out of ammo ammunition in short supply, or unavailable—everywhere. by quincy orhai. twenty-two caliber long rifle ammunition, the most popular, low cost ammunition. When center fire ammo went up the last couple years i started shooting my 22 revolvers, pistols and rifles more than anything. i got the bright idea of building a. Ammoland has a short article about the ammo shortages. in it they reprint a piece from what they call, “a trusted source”: take for example .22lr.

Nothing is over.
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.22 cal long rifle ammunition shortage. - datehookup., 3/2/2013 4:22:23 pm.22 cal long rifle ammunition shortage. fancybumper monterey, ca 55, joined feb. 2013: bought .22 semi-auto couple months goof. Why .22lr popular caliber 2012? - guns & ammo, Ruger long time industry leader .22 plinking hunting popular 10/22 semi-automatic rifles. 2011, listened customer feedback . Why .22 ammunition shortage (official statement, I emails regular basis people concerned shortage .22 lr ammunition. speculate, risk fueling .

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